Separated by time but never by space

My best friend graduated from college a few weeks ago. I stood in the stadium cheering her on, listening to every sentimental speech and hoping for a breeze to cross my path because it was so bloody warm.

I was just another spectator in the crowds, proud for my graduate, and proud of her accomplishments. As I stood in a sea full of different people, speaking different languages I was lost in translation of my own feelings.

No one could see the tears that flooded past my sunnies.

No one could see the stress that I held in my shoulders.

No one knew how emotional that this day was for me. I was supposed to be with my best friend on that field. Dressed head to toe in what she was wearing. I was supposed to share this day with her because that is what we had planned.

When we were little shit- head 19 year olds we saw the future together as graduates. We had gone through so much in college that we wanted to share it together.

But you know what, life happens. Priorities change. Goals change. Interests change. My life changed and my desires had to change with it.

So as I stand there without a cap and gown next to my beautiful graduate, I know that she will be right there next to me a year from now. Thats what friends do, we stand next to each other and cry for the other when they are not looking.

This day of celebration was not what we had visioned. It was not in our fantasized goal of where we would be in 2014.

I couldn’t sit in the seat next to her as she changed her tassel from right to left. However, I know that I will be next to her when she puts the ring on her loves hand. I will be next her when she brings a child into this world. And I know she will be there for those moments of mine.

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