As I lay in my best friends bed, with X amount of glasses of wine sprinting through my blood stream, I stare at the ceiling.
The ceiling obliterated by the ever so trendy “popcorn ceiling” of the 1070s.In the middle of the ceiling strikes a fast paced fan, lighted by three different light hued bulbs. The fan is on full blast. It is powerful enough to dry out your eyes and blind you at the same time.
Yet, as I stare at this ceiling and fan, I think about the moment of death.
A large amount of people get to see a ceiling as their last visual of their time on earth. If death isn’t depressing to begin with then picture yourself seeing a ceiling to end your final moment.
Then when you close your eyes after starring at the lights and the ceiling you have an imprint behind those eyelids. Imagine, your very last moment being the view of a ceiling.
Ceilings, now, will never be seen and seen the same.


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