I’m super proud that Emma Watson’s video about gender equality is getting circulated. I’m stoked. I got the chills when she got to the “meat and potatoes” of her speech.
However, I’m also jealous. I know, I know, what kind of feminist does that make me?
Well, I have many theoretical and defined types of feminism that I identity with but let’s not go into detail since it’s 1:00 am and I have to get up at 6:30 am.
As for awhile, I have been a feminist who is worried about having a son.
Yes, a son.
The running joke that I hear is, “oh God, I couldn’t imagine raising a girl now a days.” I can empower my daughter to be strong and worthy of her mind body and spirit. A daughter isn’t my concern. The girls that I have influenced are not my concern. It’s the boys.
I’m a strong, beautiful, influential and funny 22-year- old woman with a hell of a lot of potential and a whole lot of sass. Yes, I am comfortable and confident enough to say that.
If it’s a type of person who scares the absolute shit out of me, it’s the 14-year-old boy and the 28-year-old man.
I’ve cried myself to sleep because of constant exhaustion of being scrutinized for being “too sexy”. I’ve been told that boys don’t listen to what comes out of my mouth because well they can’t get their eyes “off of my ass”. To raise a male, in this world, haunts me because of my experiences.
My girl, Emma, speaks about the importance of reframing gender. Great, that’s amazing I couldn’t agree more! In fact, it’s what I have been trying to do for the past 4 years of my life. It’s hard, no wait, it’s exhausting. Before we pick apart what it means to be a woman we need to pick apart what it means to be a man.
Then we have all of these plastic pieces, like a 1,000 piece puzzle, melt the pieces, and make a new puzzle. It’s possible.
It’s messy. It’s work. Yet, it’s my dream.
So why am I jealous?
I’m jealous because I have read from brilliant feminists, Doctors and artists, essays after essays, theory after theory about gender. Yet, Emma Watson is given the opportunity to be a face, and to speak up about it and it’s like “WOAH guys, why haven’t we thought about this before?!”
My frustration resides for my beloved writers who have researched and dedicated their life to reframing gender. I can’t sit on Facebook with the rest of the world and say “Oh you go girl, yeah let’s get men on the bandwagon too!”
Emma can work it and use her power to bring this idea to light but I don’t think that we should give her all of the credit for the beginning art in the demolition and reconstruction of gender.
I hope I can see the spectrum of gender be built before I die. I hope I can see the world change to a more peaceful and inherently understanding place for all people. I live to see the demolishing of the teeter-totter of man and woman as the binary genders. I want that spectrum where I can run freely on that line and feel comfort in assigning my own gender.
I can’t promise change over night, neither can Emma. I know I can start with my own children (when I do start having children). I know I can raise my daughters AND sons to be strong, independent, emotional, passionate, and understanding. I can raise them so that when a 22-year-old woman gives them advice then they can look into her eyes, stay in her eyes and listen for what she knows and not how she appears.

All hairs on the back of your neck will rise starting at 6:59 during Emma’s speech. I encourage you to listen with yours eyes closed and your hearts open.

Peace & Love,

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