The most dangerous thing to ever do is to silence yourself.

It is important to open your mouth and speak. It is more important to open your mouth and speak with purpose.

I know it is dangerous to leave myself drowning in a pool of self-hated. It is a burden and it strikes to be an issue as I live every day.

Each day gets harder because each day is another day of covering myself up, pretending to be fine and pushing myself to make everyone believe that my life is pure rainbows and butterflies.

It is getting harder and harder to lie to the faces that I love. Yet, if I want to protect myself then I have to keep my mouth shut, sealed. I am on a road to self-destruction if I continue with the silence. All that I have is my mind and I continue to train it and make myself believe that everything is going to be okay.

I’m unlike myself and I hope it is just for one day . I hope this will pass. I hope that I can wake up tomorrow morning and be driven, without body aches, without doubt and without the need to remove myself. I want to be free, to feel like myself again. I guess its good to embrace and feel this way. Life asks for pain at times. It is my job to respond to it. I just hope that I am doing it in a respected fashion.

The most dangerous thing that I am doing is silencing my thoughts. When it is time to break my silence is when I will truly be happy, deeply and sincerely, happy with myself.

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