Sometimes you have those weeks or days or moments that scare the absolute crap out of you. The times where you feel like you can’t break free. You can’t sing. You can’t dance. You can’t smile. You can’t even look at yourself. The hardest part is finding a way out.
Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.
Some people use exercise. Some people use drugs. Some get tattoo’s. Some just give up.

I like to gamble. Not my money and not my body. I like to gamble change. I like to change my hair.
My hair is my identity and to “get out” I have to change that identity. More importantly, change makes me excited.

I get butterflies. I get anxious. I think “oh no, I can’t seriously do this.” or “what the hell am I thinking?” I then smile. I hold my breathe.

And just like that.. snip, cut, gone. The hair falls to the floor.
I am breaking free from the past and excited for a new me. This may not be the best way to handle certain things. Yet, this is the best way to feel something when nothing else is working.

So how I break free from myself is to become a new version of myself, one inch at a time.













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