“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
This is why I love to photograph because I love to share what I see and how I see it.
It could be a thousand words and represent a thousand ideas.
Or it can simply represent one word.
Sometimes less is more.
Less is powerful.
Less  offers  silence, mystery, and  imagination.
The less that I capture, means that there are more emotions I show in a picture.
Jordan Younger is the creator, genius and  genuine face behind The Balanced Blonde. She is 24 years-old,  a popular health and wellness blogger, just reached 100,000 followers on instagram, manages her own clothing line, is the star of a booming Youtube channel and just finished a manuscript for her first book.

Like WHAAAT?! I am 23, finishing my bachelors and trying to not lose my lipstick on every other day. She is a gem. One of the hardest working and most focused of women that I know. I have had the honor of interning for her since January. Not only have I learned the fundamentals and details of her business, but I have developed a relationship of love, understanding, and mentorship with this amazing “balanced blonde”. I now know what it means to love who you work with, since working for her.

I met up with her last Thursday, and she spilt her heart out about how weird her past days had panned out. She didn’t know  which  direction that she should gravitate towards  since she finished her memoir.

Where to focus her attention… what is it that she is going to strengthen… how is she going to keep filling her time…

who,what, where, when.

All of these questions, all of these ideas spilled out and  jumped back and forth as I sat in the passenger seat of her car.

It didn’t help that she held the pulls and ties of draining personal relationships that has filled a toxic space in her world.

Time passes. We succeed. We fail.  We trip from mistakes, and learn form breaking what we are obsessed with– if it is a lover, an idea or an object. Some things are meant to hold onto and some are meant to let go. Jordan is at that moment. Who will she let go? What will she start? Where will she go next? Most importantly, when will she do these things?

All of these questions  floated in my mind as my “boss”, “friend”, and “mentor”, expressed her exhaustion into words which made me recognize a wonderful understanding. Highs and lows come and go and we must celebrate each of those moments.

So that is what we did…
We grabbed a half-dozen of moderately overpriced balloons, found a wall in West Hollywood and just celebrated with the art of commemoration. She posed as I photographed. It wasn’t much of a pose but more of a moment by ignoring the future and to simply celebrate all that she has recently accomplished. It is so important to celebrate these moments because in these moments you find happiness, validity in hard work and encouragement to keep moving forward.

I captured in a simple way of how I see Jordan as she played, laughed and screamed at the balloons that popped (okay, I was the one that screamed) because of the scorching heat in the sun.
I saw a woman of confidence, beauty and serenity celebrating the end of a minute and the beginning of an hour.

Where she will go, what she will do is a mystery; although, it is apparent that success is in her path. But in that moment, I wanted nothing more than to simply capture photos worth the one word that I could see… happiness.

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