See three beads. Take three breaths. Inspire one movement.

I had the pleasure and honor to photograph for two spicy ladies who have one heck of vision in designing bracelets. The Mantra Movement. Laura Conley and Tanya Rusting have this joyful manner and belief in good vibes and deep breaths. These women bring namaste to a whoooooole other level. Each bracelet has a different color and each color stands for a different meaning.

Brave. Alive. Determined. Free. Gratitude.

Now remember this ladies (and gents), you do not become the bracelet. The bracelet is not the cure-all and mask. It is more powerful than that. It is a reflection, a reminder and simple understanding that you are brave… alive… determined… free… and filled with gratitude. Your bracelet is yours to be reminded by. As you take three breathes, and I mean deep, eyes closed kinds of breathes, you will fill your entire soul with the fluid movement that you are all that you can be. That you are enough. You and your breathe are all that matter and all that is amazing. You are The Mantra Movement.

Smile as you see three beads. Shut your eyes  as you take three breaths. Understand as you inspire your movement.

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