To live in the moment is the most sought after wish in life. NO joke, it is my runner up to  “I want to be happy” kind of wish.

As another Pinterest inspirational quote tells me that happiness is a state of being, and not doing— I find myself constantly searching to find ways to live in le moment.

“I need to run more miles than last week,

I need to strengthen my chaturanga pose in yoga,

I need not to worry about how my body looks and more about how my body feels.”

I need. Need. Need.

When really its not needs that preside my life, it is wants. I find that needing to be in the moment becomes a task that I can’t seem to fulfill because I want it more than what I have already done.

So I navigate through this funny world of post-athlete life, whom kind of likes to run on a treadmill but hates to run hills, and really likes yoga– always finds a way to leak into the joy of once being a volleyball player. Like the passion as a collegiate volleyball player, or simply as a 12-year-old knobby kneed, big bellied and lefty setter that loves volleyball cuzzz #ballislife. And so three years later, I deal with the growing pains of recognizing what once was and accepting what is.

The identity that all athletes cringe is the realization that they can no longer play the game they love to the ultimate highest level. It wreaks in its darkness of lost sensibility and cruel understanding that we can no longer play. And as the story of time has it… we continue to just… keep… moving.

My brother and his best friends from near birth to high school have of an unbelievable measure of friendship. They are truly an inspiration to me as tacky as I can make it. The inspiration is not necessarily to gain the number of friends that they do, but rather to love as deeply as they do for each other.

All of theses guys (and ladies) “have been” athletes.

Water Polo. Wrestling. Football (Lots of fricken football) basketball (even more than football). Lacrosse. Baseball. Street Hockey (or whatever in the hell you call it) Soccer. Volleyball…

As the list of sports roll off of the tips of my fingers, I find myself recognizing how deeply imbedded sports are in their lives. More importantly, how crucial being an athlete is to their identity much like mine.

Once that puck drops, that ball is kicked and the whistle is blown… these men turn into athletes of their past; and like a car driving 83 miles-per-hour at the start of a rain storm… all of the drops, worries, and sounds of the outside world quickly trickles, and squirms to the back of the outer shell of the vehicle.

The demands of a broke, single college drunk guy flies away as he sprints, kicks and laughs.

These guys, my brother and brothers are doing something that every human wishes to do everyday.

 These guys are living in the present.

They are accomplishing why I choose to run, why I do yoga and why I write— to live in the present, without distractions, just me, my body and mind. Yet these guys live in different areas, commit to different schools across the western states of America and live separate lives with new flings and new friends. The most beautiful part is that they can drop their world, on a summer’s Sunday night to just play, live and love each other.

I watch my brother and all of theses guys move mountains, have their downfalls, gain love and lose it. In each shit/fabulous moment of life,  I see them ease into incredible men who will never leave behind each other, because family is not just blood, it is those whom you choose to be family. Theses guys are just that… they are one big cluster-fluff of a family.

They are a family that jokes. A family that celebrates. A family that supports. A family that plays. Most importantly, a family that never takes for granted the little time that manages to keep getting smaller.

As theses guys move forward in life, I have no doubt in my mind that their daughters and sons will be the best of friends and bring on even more of the the funnest and happiest of times.

As much as we hate to believe it, theses moments turn into to memories.

Life is the memories that we make.

Collect them wisely.

Always remember that right now is the most important time.

Like the ball that you kick and the laughs that shake your body.

This is all that is and ever will be.

Right now is perfect. Right now is all that you need and have ever wanted.


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